Ranch Camp

Last week Max and his friends Nicholas and Connor had a few adventures.  Hopefully, it was worth the 16 and a half hours that they had to spend in the car to get here.

They went fishing, everyone caught at least one.  I forgot to cook them.  We saw two snakes on the way to the fishing pond.

This was not one of the snakes on the way to the pond.  This one was on the road by the house.  He was dead when we found him which is why we have a picture.  If he had been alive we wouldn’t have bothered to take a picture.  We would have been backing away too fast to focus the camera.  But since he had clearly been flattened by a heavy vehicle of some kind we took a few post-mortem photos.

They also hiked and hiked and then they hiked.  And they collected all sorts of interesting  things while they hiked.  And it was really hot out but they seemed ok with it.

They explored the Ice Cave with Casey.  I’m claustrophobic so there was no way I was going very far in.  It was 98 degrees that day but there was still snow in the cave and I’m sure there was ice further in but we didn’t venture that far.

One night the boys were in charge of planning and cooking a meal.  I told them it could be anything they wanted to make.  I expected something along the lines of grilled cheese or frozen pizza.  But they came up with something else……..

The menu included:  Cheeseburgers with all the fixings and toasted buns, corn on the cob, fruit kabobs with watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and grapes, french bread and custom made milk shakes for dessert.  It was definitely a five star meal.

Other activities not pictured included:  horseback riding, rabbit hunting, baseball, bumper pool tournament, lego building, biking, mouse chasing – there is some unfortunate video of this that reveals I also have a mouse phobia and can scream really loud – and we toured some local museums.

All in all it was a really busy week and I think boys had a good time.  One thing is for sure, they are three of the nicest boys around.

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