Holy Smokes

To say it is hot and dry here would be the understatement of the year.  The weather for the past week and half has been, hot with temperatures in the upper 90’s and at times topping 100 degrees, smokey, hazy, windy and no rain in sight.

There have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 fires across the state in the past 2 weeks which has kept us cloaked in smoke.  Below is a picture of the view on a normal day.

Here is what it has looked like lately.

It has been very eerie and at times felt like the whole country is burning down.  Right now the two biggest fires are the Arapaho fire near Wheatland in the Medicine Bow National Forest which is currently around 75,000 acres and the Fontenelle Fire in the Bridger Teton National Forest at around 50,000 acres.  There are several more smaller fires around the state and it seems as soon as they get one contained another pops up.

It’s a bit like sitting on a tinder box, one flick of a cigarette, one wayward spark from a campfire, one bolt of lightening and that’s all it would take to send everything up in flames.  While I imagine most people are hoping for sunshine and clear skies for the 4th of July there is nothing that would make folks out here happier than a day long soaking rain, actually a week long soaking rain if it were possible.  I am looking at clouds forming as I type this so we’re crossing our fingers and sending up a little prayer that they have rain in them.  And our hearts go out to the all those folks in Colorado Springs who lost so much this past week.

Here’s to a rainy 4th of July.


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