Soldier Creek

Every year around the July 1st we move our cattle to the Soldier Creek pasture.  So that’s what we’ve been doing the past several days.  We have most of them there but are still looking for quite a few, who we suspect are hiding out in the mountain somewhere seeking grass and shade.

I think I have mentioned that it is terribly dry here.  I don’t know if these pictures really tell the whole story but this is how things looked at this time last year.

And the pictures below are how things look this year.  This creek is same one as the one above that the cattle were drinking out of last year.

The pictures don’t due justice to the difference but trust me it’s striking.  Many people are already running out of grass and having to sell cow calf pairs and many others are wondering when they will had to do the same.  It’s weighing heavy on everyone’s mind, especially with the cloud of smoke that has been hanging in the air.  But ranchers are a tough bunch and they will say that the only thing to do is figure it out and pray for rain.  So that is just what everyone is doing.  The good news is it does sound like we have a decent chance at some rain towards the end of the week.

Here are a few more pictures of this years move to Soldier Creek.

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