Week in Review

We’ve had a busy week.  The McCarthys of Lakeville MN stopped by on their way to Devils Tower.  They took the scenic route because we’re really not on the way from Lakeville to Devils Tower.

There was the birthday party and the rodetto the first day.  And then….

horse back riding

duct tape creations

a quick stop at the carnival

we all went to the rodeo

this cowboy rode right up to say hello

there were driving lessons in the white dodge.  It’s a sweet ride.  We were off the road a few times but only had to call for a tow once.

A trip to the pool

and tacos.

There was also yard work, pulling weeds, putting out salt, chores and other general maintenance.  And 3 trips to Johnny J’s for milk shakes.  I finally signed up for the rewards card.

What I don’t have a picture of that I so, so wish I did is the stowaway the McCarthys found in their glove box.  They left yesterday morning and while sitting in construction about 10 miles down the road Jamie asked Kara to get the iPad out of the glove box.  And when she opened up it up there sat what I’m sure was a very cute little mouse.  I don’t know if he’ll make it all the way to Lakeville with them or not but if he does I think they should name him Mickey and keep him forever as a reminder of their summer vacation.

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