It’s Go Time!

This past week was fair and rodeo week in Casper.  Back in the day my sisters and I would be camped out there all week showing our 4-H steers and running barrels and trying to tie goats in the rodetto and hanging out at the rodeo every night.  At the time it was the best part of the summer and a ton of fun.  My poor parents…….. I’m not sure how they survived it all but I think it may explain some of the gray hair that they have today.

The rodeo is produced by Cervi Championship Rodeo.  We’ve been friends with the Cervi family for a long time.  Mike Cervi started the rodeo company 60 some years ago and in 2005 his sons Binion and Chase along with their cousin Scott took over the day to day operations of the rodeo company.

This is me with Binion and Chase a few years ago……ok maybe a few more than a few.

                       This is Chase


and Binion today.

They put on a great rodeo and take great care of their livestock.  Below are a few photos of them at work.


And here are a few more rodeo shots that Max and Joe took.  Some are from Wednesday night’s performance and some from Saturday night.

And this is my sister Kim.  She’s on the Fair Board, helps Binion in the arena and carries some of the flags.

If your interested in learning more about Cervi Rodeo you can check out and

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