It’s Not All Fun and Games

Looking back on the last few posts it probably sounds like all we do around here is go to rodeos, have parties, fish and chase lizards.  We did do all of that and more but there has been plenty of work happening in spite of all the galavanting.

Hay has been mowed, raked, baled and stacked.  Fences have been fixed, equipment repaired and flat tires changed.

Cattle have been gathered, moved, sorted and weighed.  Horses have been doctored and shod.  Corn, hay and cattle markets have been closely monitored and evaluated, along with grass, water and fires.  Corn and hay are way up, cattle are down and grass and water are getting scarcer by the day.  For now the fires have died down a bit and the skies are clear of smoke, finally. Tough calls are being made and prayers for rain are have been prayed.  All through blazing heat and smoke.

Along with all of that there have been numerous trips to town for groceries, parts, vet supplies and one trip to Urgent Care for stitches (it will surprise no one that Casey was the one who required them).


We are thankful for both the fun times and the work.  It’s a beautiful night here in Bates Hole and we feel blessed to be here.

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