The Past Ten Days

A lot has happened the last few days and I’m having a little trouble keeping up but here are a few highlights.  First, there was Dad’s birthday.  We didn’t put all the candles on the cake because campfires are illegal in Wyoming right now due to the drought and we just couldn’t risk it.

We spent an afternoon at the lake we two of my very favorite people, Tarver and Sally.  There was canoeing, kayaking, floating, jumping, splashing and all around fun.

Mom was a great sport and jumped off the dock with the kids.  Unfortunately, she forgot to take her brand new cell phone out of her pocket before she jumped in the lake……sadly despite Tarver’s best efforts and vast medical knowledge it could not be revived.

Then there were things to be done to get ready for shipping.  Normally shipping happens sometime between mid September and early October but because of the drought this year we are shipping early.  Jamie and Chad have already sold their calves and will ship on Aug 2nd.  So Jamie was busy cooking up things to stick in her freezer so she can feed the crew of 25-30 neighbors who will come to help.  She made about 7 dozen cinnamon rolls, dozens of cookies, several pounds of drip beef sandwiches and sloppy joe’s.

Max and Anne helped out in the quality control department and gave the cinnamon rolls the thumbs up.  They just wanted to make sure they were safe for the crew.

There were also cattle to move and sort into the shipping pastures, corrals to repair, brand and health inspections to line up.

Mom, Dad and Casey have not sold their calves yet.  They will sell tomorrow, July 31st, on the Cattle Country Video and will ship out between August 15th and 20th.  Should you get tired of the Olympic coverage and are looking for some riveting television you can watch the sale on channel 94 of Dish Network or online at the Cattle Country website.

And just because we didn’t have enough going on Mom and I decided we would start sorting through Grandma’s pictures.  We have been meaning to get them organized, labeled and copies made for two years.  We thought we could get it done before I had to leave.  When I left there were about 2200 pictures scattered in piles across the museum floor, maybe more……

There were also two fires starting up when we left and the smoke was moving in again.  I am feeling more than a little bit guilty about leaving when so much work is on the horizon and with so many pictures scattered on the floor.

But the best news of all was the good report Mom received at her first post chemo/radiation check in.

And then there were the 16 hours in the van back across South Dakota.  Yes, it took 16 hours again.  Why?  I don’t know.  I blame it on the dog.  It’s a good thing she’s cute.

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