Since we’ve been home

First of all the view has changed…….

We took in a Twins game.  They won.  It was a beautiful night.

Then we headed up to the North Shore along Lake Superior.  It’s a bit bigger than Lake Alcova.

See that ship off on the horizon, they don’t have ships like those on Alcova Lake.  The kids saw people kayaking and decided they should do that too.  I said, “No.”  “But” they said, “Sally taught us how at the lake, we know what we’re doing.”  Did I mention that Lake Superior is a bit bigger than Alcova Lake, like about 10,000 times bigger.  I said they were only allowed to go kayaking with Sally and since she wasn’t here they couldn’t go.  I think they’ve already sent her an invitation to join us next year.

We also went on the Alpine slide, which was very fun.  There was swimming, watching the Olympics, sleeping in, not cooking, shopping, hiking and biking along the Githi Gami Trail.  The bike trip received mixed reviews.  See below….

We returned home to find that our beloved air conditioner had come to the end of it’s disappointedly short life.  We cried because we loved our air conditioner and because our house was really, really hot and all our chocolate chips had melted into a clump which made chocolate chip pancakes tricky.  But mostly we cried because of the check we had to write and our house was really, really hot.

Meet our new air conditioner.  I call him Alfred.  So far he is performing his duties splendidly.  I am back to wearing a sweater in the house.

We did learn one thing while waiting for Alfred’s installation.  We are not cut out to be pioneers, air conditioning has made us wimps.

Then we had National Night Out in our neighborhood.  We are lucky to have really nice neighbors.  We all hung out on the street, ate ice cream and the fire department brought one of their big rigs for the kids to climb all around in.  The police came and hung out for awhile too.  It was a fun evening.

And now we are trying to get settled in and organized for school.  Max has started football and drum lessons.  Anne has tennis camp next week.  And we still have to go through all the papers and stuff they brought home from the last week of school before the first week of school starts.

The summers go by faster every year but they sure are fun.

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