Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

While we were doing things like this on the North Shore, back at the ranch they were shipping Jamie and Chad’s calves and looking for Mom and Dad and Casey’s steers.

This is Jamie and Casey getting ready to saddle up and go gather cattle.

Ok, it’s not actually Jamie and Casey but it would be really fun if they would dress up like this once in awhile.  This is actually a picture of my great-great-great grandma, Mattie Ervay and her daughter, my great-great grandma, Mattie Boney Earnest Ervay Claytor.

I’m working on a couple of posts about shipping but I’m waiting on a few more pictures to come in first.  So more on shipping and searching for steers later.

The other thing happening back at the ranch was the annual Pathfinder Days family fun day.  Our friends and neighbors at the Pathfinder Ranch host a fun day on first Saturday in August every year for the community to come together and compete in some fun rodeo/ranch events, eat great food and relax and enjoy each others company.  Sadly, we missed it again this year.  But my niece Hadley won the junior barrel race and my niece Alex did an awesome job in the goat tail untying, as you can see in the video below

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