It All Matters

I always enjoy watching the Olympics.  It inspires me and makes me want to push myself to try new things and set new goals.  It also kind of makes me feel like a bit of a slacker.

I mean watching teenagers and twenty somethings rack up medals and world records when my big accomplishment for the week is getting through the laundry without having to re-wash a load that I forgot and left in the washer too long, kind of makes me wonder, just a little, if anything I’m doing really counts.

Then I came across this song that reminded me that it all matters.  Even if we don’t win a gold medal or make it on the Wheaties box, as long as we do what we do for the right reasons with the right attitude, it all matters.  Plus its catchy.  Just thought it might be a good way to start off the week.



If the video won’t play here, try clicking on You Tube in the right hand corner, that should take you to You Tube to view it

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