Dirty Work

So, on Monday the crew headed to the mountain to gather the heifer calves and wean them.  Apparently it was pretty dusty.  They said it wasn’t windy, which is rare, but it’s so dry that just walking around in the corral kicked up a lot of dust.  Mom said she was very grateful for running water at the end of the day.

Moving cows and heifer calves to the corral

Once they had them in the corral they sorted off the cows and loaded the calves onto the trucks to take down to the main ranch where they’ll be vaccinated and then stay until we decide what to do with them – keep them or sell them.

Getting ready to sort

Sorting off the cows

Going up the alley

and on to the trucks

Casey supervising

a gourmet lunch

The crew, Dad, Chad, Ryan, Jim and Casey, at the end of a long dusty day. Mom is behind the camera.

It’s too bad we can’t figure out a way to move some of Isaac’s rain further north and west….

The next day they gave the calves their vaccinations, kind of like sending your kids to kindergarten, you have to make sure they are up to date on their immunizations.

In the barn getting ready for processing

sending calves through the chute for their shots

I’m not sure what they’re up to out west today.  Here in Minnesota we are fighting over who the dog likes more and who sat on who’s bean bag and who’s more crabby than who.  School starts in 5 days, 23 hours and 3 minutes…..not that anyone’s counting….

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