And They’re Off!

School started here on Tuesday.  It was, as it always is, a bittersweet day.  It’s exciting to see friends again and start up fall sports and activities.  But it’s also sad to say goodbye to summer.

We had many conversations last weekend regarding why summer is so short.  That, in all fairness, there should, at the very least, be an equal number of days for summer vacation and school.  But, alas, there isn’t anything we can do about it, so off they go.

One thing has changed this year.  Max is officially in middle school so he is on a different bus and at a different school than Anne.  Moms are not allowed at the middle school bus stop, for obvious reasons.  If you don’t think the reasons are obvious and can’t figure out what they are, then you obviously don’t have a middle schooler.

So far the week as gone well and everyone seems to be settling into their new routines, well, the kids are settling into their routines quite nicely, I have yet to figure out what mine should be but it’s only the first week, right?  Surely, I will have my act together by next week, surely.

On Tuesday morning, after getting Anne safely on the bus and assuming that Max had safely gotten on the bus, I met my dear friend Kara for breakfast.  After we had finished our breakfast and chatted for awhile she looked around and said “Is it weird that people are ordering lunch?”  We looked at our phones (is it weird that we looked at our phones and not our watches?) and realized that it was 1:45pm.  I quickly realized that my back to school routine could not include meeting Kara for breakfast, maybe occasionally but definitely not on a regular basis.  She always leads me astray……

And so the adventure of a new school year begins.  Here are first day photos from this year and the years past – at least the years that I remembered to take first day photos….

Max, 2012, 6th grade, in the front yard, not at the bus stop

Anne, 2012, 3rd grade

Max and Anne 2011, not the first day of school but really close to it. I forgot last year and hope that they won’t be scarred by life because of the omission. I do have their report cards from last year, so I do have proof that they did attend the 2011-2012 school year

Max and Anne, 2010

Max and Anne 2009

Max and Anne, either 2008 or 2007, I’m not sure…..I’m not so good at remembering to label pictures either….or scrapbook….or keep up with the laundry…..

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