Oh Dear Lord What Have I Done?…..

I’m not sure why I did it.  I clearly wasn’t thinking clearly.  Maybe it was watching the Olympics that messed with my head or the heat this summer or all the smoke I inhaled in June back at the ranch.  I don’t know what exactly caused it because it doesn’t really make any sense but I did something completely insane.

I signed up to run a half marathon in October.  Which, in case you are wondering, is 13.1 miles.  Which, as it turns out, is a really long way.  Not as long as a full marathon, obviously, but still a really long way.

For some people this wouldn’t seem all that strange or that much of a reach but for me……  I’ve never really considered myself much of an athlete.  I was always more of the studious one, my sisters have always been the more athletic and adventuresome.  I was never really very strong or fast or very brave.  And I have low blood pressure and a condition called vasovagal syncope…..which basically means I have a tendency to faint but it just sounds way cooler to say “I have a condition called vasovagal syncope”.  Saying “I tend to faint when I get too hot or tired”  just sort of sounds wimpy.  Anyway, for a variety of reasons I’ve never really challenged myself much in the athletic arena.

In PT school my roommate was Katie.  Katie was very athletic.  She played basketball in high school and college and was a very good player.  She convinced me that I should start working out with her at the Y.  I remember getting on the stair climber machine and then the next thing I remember is crawling on the floor and Katie standing over me saying “what in the world are you doing?”  Soon there was a crowd standing over me looking down at me with concerned faces, except Katie, once she realized I was fine, she laughed hysterically, which to be fair, is exactly what I would have done had the tables been turned.  This and other reasons – lack of coordination, complete lack of knowledge of the rules of most any sport – have kept me on the bench, so to speak.

But the past few years I have been running off and on, in fits and starts and to my great surprise I really enjoy it.  I’m not particularly good at it but I don’t particularly care about that, I enjoy it.

So, I have been training.  The training schedule I am using has me doing a long run on Saturdays.  So this past Saturday I ran 9.3 miles.  My goal was 9 miles but I wanted to go just a little further and .3 was all the more I could muster.  If you had told me I would someday run 9.3 miles back when I was lying on the floor at the Y in Grand Forks with my roommate laughing at me I would have said you were completely nuts.  But I did!  And that just goes to show you that anything is possible.  If you are sitting there thinking there is something you can’t do I would ask you to reconsider and just give it a try…..and then try again and then if you just keep repeating that, who knows what might happen.

Who knows if I can do this I might even consider kayaking with Sally on Alcova Lake next summer, maybe…….

Now, in the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that when I was on my long run on Saturday, a woman who was out for a power walk passed me…..and I never did catch up to her.  So when I say I was out running just know that I’m no Usain Bolt.  There’s really no chance of me breaking any records or winning medals but that’s not really the point, at least for me.

I stopped to take a quick photo of a fellow runner.

And just for the record I did pass this guy.

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3 Responses to Oh Dear Lord What Have I Done?…..

  1. Kim Furnival says:

    I needed a smile today. Thank you for your posts they are inspiring. I think that we all need to take time for ourselves and take on a challenge. I am glad that you are doing what you are, you are a great mother and a wonderful big sister. Just so you know I am not going to take up running. I to was never into that much exercise. I am however tackling the challenge of potty training a very stubborn 2 1/2 year old. Who said to me this morning, as she was standing on the counter, “Leave mean alone. I’m Pooping” I said lets go to the bathroom and she looked at me and said, “no thanks, I done.” Lucky for me she was still in her diaper. Have a wonderful Tuesday and I’ll see you soon!!

  2. Congrats on signing up for your half marathon. You seem to be well on your way with your training. No need to be strong, fast, or brave. Just be practical with your goals, continue your training, and stay positive. I have no doubt you will finish with your head held up high! Happy Running!

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