Happenings from the Homestead

Here are the latest updates from the ranch:

It’s still hot, dry and dusty and some days are more glamorous than others……

They’ve been doing fall clean up work, looking for bulls and any calves that they missed the first time around and other odds and ends.

The big news is that there is a large wild fire on Casper Mountain, the Sheepherder Hill Fire.  The city of Casper sits just north east of the mountain and our headquarters is just south west of the mountain.  The fire has burned 15,887 acres the last time I checked.  It started Sunday afternoon, cause still under investigation but most are betting that it was man made in some fashion.

view from downtown Casper

Had the wind been blowing the opposite direction it is very likely that the ranch would be  burning up right now but luckily for us it’s headed the other direction.  Unfortunately, our good fortune is someone else’s bad fortune.  They have evacuated 150 homes and 750 are on high alert and are to be prepared to evacuate at any moment.

From what I can gather from the local news websites it sounds like they might be making some progress today or at least holding steady.  We could really, really use some rain…..

I found all the fire photos online by googling sheepherder hill fire, they came from a variety of sources

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