September 14th, 1973.  The day my life changed forever.

On September 14th, 1973 Kimberly Anne Price was born and I went from being an only child (ahhh those were the days…) to a big sister.

I took my role as the older, wiser sibling very seriously (perhaps too seriously if you ask certain people but we’ll sort that out later).  When I drug her into the kitchen by her hair, though I don’t remember exactly (or at all) what I was thinking at the time, I’m sure it was because I felt she was in some sort of danger.  I’m not sure she’s forgiven me for that but heroic actions are sometimes misunderstood.

a picture from her “boy days”

We seldom saw eye to eye as kids.  I think I told her to “grow up” fifteen thousand times, to which she generally responded “I don’t know how!”  Now that we are “grown up”  it turns out that sometimes that’s the thing I love the best about her.

When Max about a year and a half old he had a silly looking stuffed snake and Kim preceded to pretend that the snake was attacking her.  Now, it will be hard for you to appreciate this scene since you were not there but she put her whole heart and soul into it and flung herself to the ground with such gusto and enthusiasm that it’s a wonder she didn’t hurt herself.  And she did it over and over. Max laughed and laughed until he almost couldn’t breath and then the rest of us laughed until we cried and almost wet our pants.  I am way to “grown up” to make something like that look like fun but she is a master at that sort of thing.

She has always been a master at “the look”

I remember that for several years people thought she was a boy and then there were the six months that she pretended to be a horse.  She also had the entire Black Stallion movie memorized word for word and could act out the part of the Black Stallion with amazing accuracy.

She has an uncanny ability to remember movie dialogue and jokes, although some of the jokes……well, I’m not sure they should all be repeated but she sure is good at telling them.  She also a pretty darn good actress, though it’s been awhile sense she’s been in a play. She can eat an entire pancake in one bite.  And this is only a partial list of her talents.

She has always been up on the latest fashions

She can go from farm hand chic to…..

rodeo glam

She’s a one of kind, trust me the world couldn’t handle two.  And I have given up on wanting her to “grow up”, maybe it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be and sometimes we need people to remind us of that.

Happy Birthday Kimmy!!

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One Response to Kimmy

  1. Kimmi says:

    It’s been almost one week since I entered my 39th year of a very blessed life. I can still hear Jody telling me to “grow up”. I still refuse. I love the fact that I still feel like a kid. I don’t want to grow up and I don’t think I will ever grow old. I will continue to “grow”. I have a great parents, caring sisters, a loving husband and two very extrodinary girls who I love with all that I am. I am blessed to be surrounded with people who love life as much as I do. I thank God everyday for giving me that “wake up” tap on the side of the head 4 years ago. Thank you for making my life unforgettable and thank you for blessing me with all that I have. Thanks Jody for birthday blog. And thanks for not telling everyone how mean I was to you. I do love you. You still inspire me. Keep it up.

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