Fall Updates: Sports, Cattle and Random Thoughts

It has been a few days since I have had the time to write anything.  I could tell you how busy I am and come up with a wide range of excuses but the fact is, although the calendar is plenty full, I have the same number of hours as anyone else and I’m sure there are a lot of you whose calendars are even more crammed than mine.

The truth is I struggle at times with time management.  I say to Time, “Please! Just slow down a little bit so I can catch up and then I promise to stay on top of things!” Time just laughs in my face….much the same way that laundry laughs at me….. and come to think about it my refrigerator has been laughing at me lately too and throwing things at me when I open the door which I find both frightening and rude.

I may have some psychological/emotional issues that need dealt with……but right now I’m way too busy.  Maybe when the kids go to college I’ll have time to look into that.

At any rate, for the two unnamed readers (Jay and Casey) who have been complaining about my lack of posts as of late, I vow to give it my level best to keep things more up to date.  Please keep in mind that 18 months ago I vowed to do my level best to wash my windows and they remain unwashed.  I’m just saying, keep your expectations realistic.

As for the windows at this point I’m thinking with the cobwebs and dirt, they kind of have a Halloween vibe going so I might as well leave them until after that.  That will take care of my Halloween decorating.  That’s what I call “multi-tasking” or maybe “un-tasking”? since I am actually not doing any task and yet still finding a way to cross a task off the list.

Here are a few updates:


Max had his last football game of the season on Sunday.  They played at the Metrodome which was very cool.  And they won which made it even more fun.

The Hornets Team getting ready for introductions

Max is #18

He blocked the big guy all day long

Hand off is to Schobel

Schobel with the carry

Some fans came from as far as 886 miles just to watch him play. The Schobel grandparents wanted very much to be there in person also, but Grandpa Schobel (aka Paga) is recovering from hip surgery and although he is doing extremely well the Metrodome is not very post hip replacement friendly.

After the game we took Dad to the banks of the Mississippi.  He has a personal philosophy that nothing good happens east of the Mississippi and no one should ever under any circumstances cross it.  He is also not really very fond of leaving the state of Wyoming or to be honest Natrona county.  He’s super fun to travel with.  Mom did manage to get him to Georgia once to visit Tarver and Sally but I’m pretty sure he had to be heavily medicated.

Dad gazing across the Mississippi with absolutely no interest in what may lie on the other side

We did manage to get him half way across the stone arch bridge at which point he stopped and said “Jody, this is as far as I go” turned on his heels and marched himself back to the car.

After the game Grammy and Anne worked on a sewing project.  The end result is very impressive but I can not show it to you because it is a gift for someone who might see it on the blog and that would spoil the surprise and I would be in a big trouble.  And I don’t like being in big trouble, small trouble doesn’t bother me but big trouble I tend to shy away from.

Anne’s sewing lessons are going much, much better than mine ever did.  See how happy they both look?  No one is screaming or crying or trying to shred fabric into bits from frustration.  It’s best if I stay as far away from sewing projects as possible.

Football has ended and Volleyball is just getting started.  This is Anne’s first year in volleyball and so far her favorite sport.  I enjoy the fact that the concussion rate is much lower in volleyball than football, I find that makes it easier to watch the game with my eyes open.

Anne with one of many excellent serves

I am still working on the half marathon training.  My longest run has been just over 10 miles.  That’s the longest my training schedule has me going until race day which is 8 days away.  I’m really looking forward to 9 days from today.


Meanwhile back at the ranch…..

There have been tires to fix, cattle to gather and calves to wean.  It is still terribly dry and they still haven’t had any moisture.  There is a possibility of snow in the forecast for today, although a nice warm rain would be the first choice we’ll take any moisture we can get.

They also helped Jamie and Chad bring their cows home.

Chad and Jamie Harkins owners and operators of Track A Land and Cattle Company

Track A cows headed home for the winter

Lunch break

Sheepherder Hill Fire Update

The Sheepherder Hill Fire is 100% contained.  It has burned 15,500 acres and 37 homes and cabins.  The cost of fighting the fire, which does not include the structures lost, was $3.3 million.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  The sad thing is they have determined that is was man made, either on purpose or from a discarded cigarette or driving off road.  Kind of makes you wonder what on earth people are thinking.

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2 Responses to Fall Updates: Sports, Cattle and Random Thoughts

  1. Jim and Jane Schobel says:

    Loved the recent update by Jody. Jody, maybe Jim would consider coming to a little north of the Mississippi (not east, but totally north) to enjoy the northwoods of Wisconsin. There is a crossing of the St. Croix river, but again, the Mississippi is south of here. Our glacial lake offers swimming with clarity to 23 feet and muskies ! Would be a fun time for a Price-Schobel reunion of sorts. Hope all is well, love the blog, Jim and Jane aka the Pagas

  2. Peggy Price says:

    Did you ever think that Anne’s sewing lessons might have gone better than yours cause she actually listened to the instructions and didn’t throw a fit when something went wrong? Just a thought. At any rate, it was a good goal setting, patience building, bonding experience, and if I recall it was not one that either of us was anxious to repeat. Does that mean we learned our lesson well? By the way, you did get a blue ribbon on a long sleeved/turned short sleeved blouse.
    A trip to the northwoods of Wisconsin sounds good to me but you might ought to let the Schobel’s in on the havoc that can be caused by a homesick Wyoming cowboy!

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