A Model Patient

This past weekend Joe went up to Hayward to help his Mom and Dad with some fall chores.  You can see what they accomplished by comparing their side to the neighbors side.  Let’s just hope the wind doesn’t blow the wrong direction.

Grandpa Schobel is also known as Paga (when Max was little he got the G and the P in grandpa mixed up, it came out Paga and it stuck, so we have Paga and Paga Jane, recent variations of this nickname include Pag, the Pagas and the Pagster, I’m not sure how they feel about this nickname but they’re stuck with it).  Anyway, Paga had a total hip replacement on Sept 18th at the Mayo clinic.

He is doing fantastic because he has been a model patient.  He listened carefully to everything his Doctor and Physical Therapist told him, asked smart questions, studied the instructions they gave him and then followed through on all instructions exactly as requested.  He had realistic expectations and a very positive attitude. He was the perfect patient and he even received a thank you note from his PT to prove it!  As a former PT myself, I’m telling you that doesn’t happen everyday.

I point this out for two reasons; first, he deserved a blog post for all his hard work and second in the hopes that others might learn from his success and think about emulating him in the future should they require any medical care.  By others I might mean people I am related to who wear cowboy hats and have a tendency toward injury or I might just mean the general population at large.  I will leave that to you, the reader, to decide.

When Joe and I picked Paga up to bring him home from the extended care facility it took forever to get him out of the place because every single person we passed wanted to stop and give him a hug or shake his hand and tell him how much they would miss him.  In the 5 or 6 days he was there he had managed to make friends with pretty much everyone in the building.

I have just one thing left to say, Pretty Work Paga, Pretty Work.

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One Response to A Model Patient

  1. Peggy Price says:

    Pretty Work indeed.

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