Second Thoughts

Tomorrow is race day.  The day I’m supposed to run 13.1 miles.

So far today I have thought of 27 really good reasons to just skip it.  They are all completely valid too.  For instance, it might rain, really there is a possibility of rain in the forecast and I could get wet.  Also, I could get lost or twist my ankle and I really need to vacuum.  Please don’t point out the fact that I could be vacuuming now instead of writing this, I’ve already thought of that and it won’t work.  I’m not sure why it won’t work but trust me, it won’t.  I’ve tried vacuuming on Fridays in the past and it’s just not a good idea, Saturday mornings are much better vacuuming days.

And I was thinking who would know if I didn’t show up at the race anyway.  I can skip it and no one will ever know.  And then I remembered that I posted on my blog that I was going to run a half marathon, so lots of people would know.  And then I cursed the day that I started a blog.

So I will go and vacuum now – or else I’ll wait till next week – and I will get up in the morning and run/walk/shuffle/hopefully not crawl 13.1 miles rain or shine.

If you don’t hear anything else from me by Tuesday, send a search party…..

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3 Responses to Second Thoughts

  1. Anne says:

    I am confident that you will run and run with pride. Every cowgirl from Wyoming that I have ever met would never accept less for herself 🙂 I look forward to hearing about the race!

    Thanks for signing up to follow my blog and participating in the Feed Yard Foodie discussion. I hope to meet you someday when you venture back to Wyoming from your “city home”. I think that I am pretty much on your way back home…

    All the best,

    • prettywork says:

      Thanks Anne! I’m going to wear my Wyoming Women in Ag cap for good luck. : )

      I love your Feed Yard Foodie blog! You are such a great advocate for agriculture. I would love to stop by sometime on my way back to the ranch. Thanks again for the well wishes.

  2. Mom says:

    I know what you mean about the vacuuming. Friday is seldom a good day for such things. As for the run, if I had thought of it in time I could have brought a good saddle horse and run, or rode alone with you. Then I could have given you a lift if you needed it. But I don’t think you’ll need it. Not much you put your mind to that you don’t accomplish, unless its a sewing project and part of that just might have been the instructor. She might have been a little less patient and maybe a bit too demanding in those days. Time has a way of changing things. At any rate, I know you will do good tomorrow and with your Wyoming Women In Ag cap for good luck you just might win the gold! I say “Pretty Work” for even giving it a go!

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