Dear Jamie

Dear Jamie,

Remember when Kim and I told you that you were left on the doorstep by gypsies?  Well, upon further reflection it turns out that might not be quite true…..but in our defense we got dressed up for Halloween as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and went out trick or treating and when we came back there you were.  What were we supposed to think?  Ok, so it might have been a couple of days later that you showed up at home but when you’re 4 and 2 and coming off a Halloween sugar high things can get confusing.

Gypsies or no gypsies see how nicely we got along!

I would also like to apologize for pouring crisco in your hair.  It was a misguided attempt at humor and if I had known that Dad would threaten to shave your head I never would have done it.  And no, I still don’t understand why he was going to shave your head and not mine when you were actually the victim.  It was confusing to me too.  At least he didn’t go through with it.

Somehow when Kim and I were fighting like cats and dogs you always managed to stay above the fray.  Always the one who was able to get along with everyone.  Sort of like Switzerland without all the secret bank accounts.

You are one of the kindest, strongest, toughest, hardest working people I have ever known.

Your also very talented at the air guitar and table dancing, both important life skills.

Chase James Harkins
Born 6:40 am Oct 30
21 inches

Chad and Chase

And now there is a brand new, very cute, baby boy who is so very lucky because he gets to have you for his Mom!

*Note:  I suggested that some photos and/or video of the birth would be really great for the blog……she told me to take a hike….and then she told me where she thought I should take the hike and it didn’t sound like a very nice place to hike…..kind of hot for hiking….  And so I decided it probably wasn’t wise to antagonize a pregnant woman.*

Happy Birthday Jamie and Congratulations!!

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2 Responses to Dear Jamie

  1. Tarver b bailey says:

    Great story–we enjoy your slant on growing up in the Price household. Thank you for including us in your mailing. We could use the Harkin e-mail address to send a congrats. Please provide it if posible. Tarver

  2. Jim and Jane Schobel says:

    Congratulations Jamie and Chad ! nice work and very cute baby boy. also love his name. our best to all, Jim and Jane Schobel

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