We’re Back at the Ranch

We left early Sunday morning to head west so we could spend Thanksgiving week at the ranch.  Here’s a few of the happenings since we arrived.

On Monday we shipped a few heifers.  Back in August we shipped the steers.  We kept the heifers calves awhile longer until we had a chance to sort through them and select the best ones to keep that will replace the old cows.  Now they’ve been sorted and the ones we chose not to keep went to the Shepard Feedlot in Wheatland WY.

On Tuesday we sorted heifers.  First we gathered them all together.

Once they were all bunched, we held them together and let the younger heifers –  who are about 7 months old and not pregnant yet – go one direction and the older heifers – who will be two years old in the spring and pregnant with their first calves – go the other direction.

This whole process requires everyone to be patient, calm and pay attention in order for things to go well.  It also helps to be able to decipher random hand signals and read minds.  Working cattle can be a lot of fun or really miserable depending upon the weather, the cattle, the mood of the cowboys and how well everyone is deciphering and mind reading that day.

As it turned out it was a beautiful morning, the cattle were calm and cooperative and the cowboys communicated well.  In fact I heard Dad say “Pretty Work” more than once.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Then the younger heifers were trailed to a new pasture so we can keep better tabs on what each bunch is eating and make sure they are all getting the right nutrients for their stage of life.

Once they were in their new home we fed them and wished them good day.

Today some of the crew headed up to the mountain to look for a few more cows that we still haven’t found.  Apparently they’re a new breed of stealth cow, either that or the cowboys know where they but are pretending they don’t so they can go up to the cabin and nap.

The rest of the crew began preparations for Thanksgiving dinner

There was slicing and dicing and stirring and mixing….

and dancing…..because it always makes cooking more fun if there is dancing involved.

We also spent a lot of time hanging out with Chase.  I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite.

And finally, since I promised to share a Meatful recipe on Mondays and it’s now Wednesday already – I blame it on the time zone change, that hour can really mess a person up – here is a dish that we gobbled up on Tuesday after we finished working the heifers.

Enchilada Casser-ole!

It’s a Taste of Home recipe.  Just click on the link above or here for the recipe and nutrition facts.

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One Response to We’re Back at the Ranch

  1. Kara says:

    I completely agree with dancing while cooking… everything just tastes better with dancing:) Happy Thanksgiving to you, your fam, and all the cowboys… and especially to that sweet baby chase:)

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