The Lottery, a Tree Hunt and a Recipe

I have been waiting all week so that I could post the day after I won the power ball…….unfortunately things did not pan out quite the way I had them pictured.  This means that I have to spend the rest of today and tomorrow doing all the laundry and housework that I saved up all week for the maid that I was planning on hiring this afternoon.  Dang it!

The day after Thanksgiving we went on a Christmas Tree hunt.  There was no snow in the mountain which on the one hand makes me worry even more about the drought but on the other hand no one got stuck this year and it was the quickest, easiest tree hunt that I have ever been on.

This is Max cutting down his first tree

Max and Dad showing off Max’s first tree

Here are a few other trees and their happy people.

Here is Mom’s tree before lights……

and after lights….

And then it was time to back up and head back to Minnesota.  This is how Anne felt about leaving……

But before we left we had cousin photo session.  This is their serious side……

And this is their silly side…..

Poor Chase has no idea what he’s in for……

And now you may recall that a couple of weeks ago I had this great idea about posting a Meatful recipe on Mondays and then the first Meatful Monday recipe came on a Wednesday and now the second Meatful Monday recipe is coming on a Thursday.

Quick Side Note:  I believe a sign of true friendship is when you don’t point out that someone is missing their self imposed deadlines and you just pretend that Wednesday is Monday or Thursday is Monday and you also don’t point out that the laundry is piled up and the vacuum hasn’t been used recently or point out that they have a much better chance of dying from a bee sting or being born with six fingers than winning the power ball.  

Also, eventually the Meatful Monday recipe will happen on a Monday and isn’t it more fun to try to guess when that might happen?  It adds an extra element of excitement, don’t you think?

And now for the Thursday edition of the Meatful Mondays recipe.

Creamy Swiss Steak

This is another Taste of Home Recipe, click on the link above for the recipe.  It’s a really easy slow cooker recipe.  And we did eat it on Monday.

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2 Responses to The Lottery, a Tree Hunt and a Recipe

  1. Sharon says:

    We don’t mind when your Meatful Monday recipe arrives – just as long as it is Beefful!! Aha–a new word!

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