25 years and 9 months ago Mom came down with a really bad case of the stomach flu.  Every morning for two weeks straight she was in the bathroom throwing up.  This was concerning because that’s a long time to have the stomach flu and also annoying because I needed in the bathroom to get ready for school and when you’re 15, almost 16, getting ready for school is especially important…..and sometimes time consuming.

I expressed my concern/annoyance by saying, “Boy Mom, I hope I don’t catch what you have, it sure is taking you a long time to get over it!”

Mom said, “Don’t worry….it’s not contagious”

That’s weird, I thought, stomach flu that’s not contagious…..seems like a long time to have food poisoning……wait a minute……

“Are you….????”



I for one, was excited, maybe this sister I would be able to train better than the other two.  Kim asked “We aren’t really keeping her are we?”

We did.  Mom and Dad said we (Jamie, Kim and I) could pick her name.  We named her Katheryn Casey and decided to call her Casey and her initials were KC…..see how clever we were!

Once she looked like this.


But mostly she looked like this.


She was raised around a pack of teenage girls which is probably a lot like being raised by a pack of wolves.  She was a 3 year old who thought she was 13.


Somehow she survived us and her many talents began to emerge.


As you can see Taylor Swift is lucky that Casey didn’t pursue a career in country music.

Feedlot management




Track and Field


Showing Cattle


Rodeo Arena Help




The knee brace was an unfortunate sign of things to come



Water Sports


Her famous taco dip






Rockin’ Eighties Sunglasses


A series of unfortunate misfortunes over the past 8 years have left her with, among other things, a broken wrist, a shattered elbow, a shattered shoulder, punctured lung, a head injury and the dubious honor of being the Mayo Clinic’s youngest partial knee replacement patient.  But if you ask her how she is, she’ll say, “I’m good!  It could be worse!”

Happy 25th Birthday Casey!

I’m glad we kept you.  And please, be careful out there!


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3 Responses to Casey

  1. Kara says:

    Happy Birthday Casey!
    We have watched that video of you singing and dancing on the hearth more than once and couldn’t help but notice the unfortunate step off the “stage” …. watch your step on your special day!
    Jamie, Kara, Maddie and Grace

    • Casey price says:

      Thanks very much!! I will try to stay upright today!! And I can give you some singing lessons anytime you just give me a ring!

  2. Jamie says:

    Funny part of this story Is that my mom told me the same thing about being sick, when she was pregnant with Bree!

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