I was going to write a post today that was basically me whining about how busy December is and how far behind I feel with all the holiday preparations and I haven’t even had time to post a recipe let alone anything else and that sort of thing. Then at lunch time I flipped on my TV…..

And after lunch I went to school to help Anne’s third grade class with an art project and after that I went to the middle school to pick up Max.  As I watched those third graders work so carefully and proudly on their projects and then watched the middle schoolers spill out of school when the bell rang, laughing and teasing and waving goodbye to each other, I found myself blinking back tears.  I can not imagine, I don’t want to even try to imagine, what the families of Sandy Hook Elementary are feeling tonight.

It brought it all into perspective in an instant.  It doesn’t matter what’s under the tree.  It doesn’t matter what’s not under the tree.  It doesn’t matter whether the cookies get baked or bought or if all the decorations are up or not.  It doesn’t matter that the laundry is not all done or the house does not look like the Pottery Barn catalog.  It doesn’t matter what games and snacks we plan for the school holiday party.

What matters is that tonight all the kids in my life – my son and daughter, my nieces and nephews, my friends kids who feel so much like my own – they will get tucked into bed tonight safe and sound.

My heart breaks for the families in Connecticut.  I can not imagine.  I can not understand. I can not think of what to do, except to pray and to not forget how incredibly blessed I am tonight.

My hope and prayer is that this will never ever happen again.  That when my kids send their kids to school the thought of such a thing happening won’t cross their minds because by then the world will be such a place that such a thing would never ever happen.  I hope and pray.

   “Never believe that a few caring people cannot change the world. For, indeed, that is all who ever have.” Margaret Mead

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”Mother Teresa

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2 Responses to Perspective

  1. Mom and Dad S. says:

    Jody we learned of the event on the radio when we were traveling to Duluth. So right, how blessed we are to not have an event such as the one in Connecticut. I believe it was during Reagan’s second term (or perhaps Bush 1 term) when the Brady bill against assault weapons was passed. Unfortunately it had a sunset clause…due to lobbying by various interest groups. Still, it seems ludicrous that weapons of war are bought and sold legally in this country. We have way more violent events as a result. We must pressure the US Congress to put the Brady bill back into law and keep guns to hunting and hunters and single action guns. I wrote Sean Duffey about this when we returned home (he is NW Wisconsin House of Representatives member). I just hope the caucus he’s a part of wake up and smell the roses on this issue. Our foundiing fathers did not ever know or dream of assault weapons when they put in “the right to keep and bear arms” into our basic rights.

  2. Sharon says:

    Very beautifully said–you are sooooo right-on!

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