Happy Birthday Jody!

Happy Birthday Jody!

On January 8, 1971 our life as we knew it changed forever.  We were blessed with the first of four beautiful baby girls.


Jody Ellen Price Schobel was born, and we went from a “happy go lucky couple” to parents in an instant.  Well, it seemed more like days.  She took her own sweet time getting here.  Then she began to cry, and didn’t stop for about nine months.  I still wonder from time to time how someone so small could have such well developed lungs.   When the crying finally subsided she began to develop her many talents.

Her creativity began to emerge.  When you don’t have the right toy, make do with what you have.

Her dog training days began…..


Along with her riding instructor days…….


You can instruct better from the back seat……


Not sure what this lesson was about.  Maybe it was the one about never putting a cold bit in your horses mouth…….



Her baking and cake decorating days began…….

Jody8 Jody9 Jody10

She has turned into a great baker, but I still wonder from time to time, given the fact that she knew the purpose and consistency of cooking oil, why would she dump a bottle of Crisco Oil on her sisters head.  One of those mysteries that may never be answered.

There was Skidoo’ing……..


Roller skating……….


Ice skating……making do with what you have…….


Not to mention, numerous water sports……..

Jody14 Jody15 Jody16

She is obviously enjoying the water so I wonder why she won’t get in the lake with the kids now???

Singing lessons…….


She was a very shy 4-H steer jockey.  So shy in fact that she hid in the closet of the camp trailer so she wouldn’t have to show her steer……..

Jody18 Jody19

Accomplished sheep showman……


Horse show enthusiast…….

Jody21 Jody23

Extreme goat tying.  Or was it trick riding gone bad?  Let the viewer’s decide…….

Flag Bearer at the Central Wyoming Fair…….


There was always a lot of ranch work to be done, and Jody was a “good hand”…….

Jody25 Jody26 Jody27 Jody28 Jody29

And after all of that there was still time to become a Physical Therapist, a wonderful wife and mother…….

Jody30 Jody31

A big sister and loving Aunt…….


Medical researcher, advisor, confidant, travel agent, she wears so many hats we can’t keep count anymore…….

You are a true blessing to all of us.  Happy Birthday Jody!  Enjoy the party!


Blog Credits:  The previous post was brought to you by three of Jody’s special guest blogger’s:  Peg Price (Jody’s mom), Joe (husband), and Max (son).  The three of us tried to get this done as a “black op”, but I’m pretty sure Jody managed to intercept a lot of the email traffic along the way………


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7 Responses to Happy Birthday Jody!

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday Jody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mom and Dad S. says:

    Happy birthday Jody! Enjoy the new year too. Loved the blog and thanks to your Mom, Peg, Max, and Joe for the pictures and info. Always wondered where all that talent came from and it is clear to see most was home grown. All the best, from the Pagas

  3. Tarver b bailey says:

    Did I read it too quickly? Your writing talents are at the top iof a great list of talents. Thanks to your family for a well deserved bday blog.

  4. Kara says:

    What a great tribute to a great friend on her birthday!

  5. Mom says:

    Forgot to include travel agent. Hope you had a good day

  6. Kimmi says:

    Happy Birthday big sister! You are a wonderful sister and great mother. I am still in awe at how much you do for everyone around you. Your determination and drive are truly inspiring. Thank you for just being you. I know that we do not see eye to eye on many things but I do appreciate your points of veiw. Love you and enjoy your day. Maybe wait a day or two and then go out to dinner!! Love ya, Kimmi

  7. Jamie says:

    Happy Birthday Jody! Hope it was a wonderful day and wishing you a blessed and wonderful New Year!

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