Password Protection and Adventures in Orthopedics

First, I would like to remind everyone how important it is to make sure your passwords are locked away.  If you leave them in a notebook next to your computer people you use to trust might use them to post embarrassing photos and videos on the internet.  You’re probably thinking, “that could never happen to me” but it could… me I learned the hard way.

Second, I would like to point out that if you read the last post and if you watched the second goat tying video with the sound turned up, you heard hysterical laughing in the background when I landed on my head.  Not questions of concern, no “oh my! is she ok?”, just hysterical laughing.  That laughing was coming from my dear, dear…dear sisters and since I don’t remember laughing, I assure you they were not laughing with me, only at me.  And people wonder why I moved to Minnesota.

Third, thank you so much everyone who sent Happy Birthday wishes.  I really appreciated them all….unless you were one of the ones laughing in the video…..if you’re one of them I’m still mad at you.  But everyone else I really enjoyed hearing from.

January has proven to be a challenging month for my family for the past several years.  In January of 2010 my Grandma passed away unexpectedly.  In January of 2012 Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was diagnosed with skin cancer and Dad broke his brand new hand.  We thought we might get a year off but….

Casey, Casey, Casey……


We counted and her knee has had 5 surgeries since 2005.  If knees are anything like cats -I’m sure they must be but I don’t have time to figure out how so just go with it – then her knee still has 4 lives left – we hope.


She and Ryan were clearing brush and she was just walking, walking quickly because she had realized she had set three brush fires on three sides of herself and had maybe not left herself quite enough time and space, but just walking all the same.  And her partial knee replacement failed her – for the second time.

So….long story short they tossed her in the back of the Suburban and she and Mom hit I90 and set their sites on the Mayo clinic once again.


They said they weren’t very happy to see her, well they were happy to see her, just not under these circumstances.  They had hoped that knee might last 10 years instead of 5.  So they tried a different one and she now has her second – or third depending on how you count the repair job they did on it two years ago – knee replacement.  We’re hoping this one is a bit sturdier than the last.  They say it is….but this is Casey we’re talking about so it’s really anyone’s guess.

About 20 minutes after she got out of recovery her Physical Therapist stopped in.  I’m pretty sure it was the therapist’s first week.  She struggled and struggled to get the brace on and Casey finally said, very gently, “Do you think it might be upside down?”  It was.

She asked Casey, “Do you have any experience with crutches?”

Casey said, “Yes, ma’m” (understatement of the year)

PT: “Well, let’s try to get you in the chair if you’re feeling up to it”

Casey: “I can walk out to the hall if you want me to”

PT: “Well….you can try if you want to” (she pretty clearly didn’t think that was possible at this point in time)

Casey grabbed the crutches and was out of the room and down the hall with the PT standing there blinking her eyes with her mouth hanging open.

And then because Casey had her so flustered – it had to have been because she was so flustered, that’s really the only possible explanation that I can think of – little miss PT said, “And when you’re released you’ll be going home with family? (she looks up at Mom and me) Your Mom and Grandma.”

Ummmm…….No!  Up until this point I had been feeling some compassion for her, she was clearly a newbie and clearly having a bit of an off day and I was once newbie PT so I had some compassion for her, right up until she called me Casey’s Mom.  That’s when she lost me.  That’s when I really was hoping Casey would smack her with her crutch.

I have an appointment to get the gray in my hair colored on Thursday at 2:00.

And now they have hit the road once again, headed west, Bates Hole or Bust, loaded down with ice and pain medication.


Godspeed Casey, Godspeed.


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4 Responses to Password Protection and Adventures in Orthopedics

  1. Kara says:

    We’re cheering for ya Casey! and your mom and Grandma too! So good to see the smile on your face. Safe travels Casey and Peg!
    Jamie, Kara, Maddie & Grace

  2. Kimmi says:

    I clearly can be heard on the video encouraging you to “hurry”. I was not laughing at you then. But I chuckle with you now. We had some rough rodeo days. But look at how well we got through them. What didn’t kill us only made us stronger. And I was asked if there was anything I wanted to put in the birthday blog and I said no. Just making that clear.

  3. Mom says:

    We made it back to Bates Hole. Thanks Jody for the bed and board! The chocolates on the pillows, the make shift bucket, the late night trips to the pharmacy, travel arrangements, etc., etc. Thanks for all you do for us. About the video. That part was your Dad’s doing. I never laughed when it was happening. I do get a chuckle out of it now though. And just so you know, my heart stopped every time you entered the arena for a goat tying run and didn’t start beating again until you were up and I could see you were OK. That might be why I have so much gray hair, making me look Grandmotherish and contributing to the PT’s confusion about who is who. There was the nurse who thought you and Casey might be twins. Do you think the medical staff on the orthopedic floor of the Methodist Hospital should have some sort of vision screening? Just wondering. Love Ya, Mom

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