This Week’s Recipe and a Confession


I’m not even going to wait for my interview with Oprah.  I’m just going to come right out and say it.  I am totally cheating on this week’s recipe.  Oprah and I will have too much other stuff to talk about anyway.

I will even lay out for you exactly how I am cheating and no I’m not proud of it but I think lots of other people are probably cheating too, so can you really blame me?  I mean if everyone is doing it then it’s a level playing field, right? Plus I’m Lance Armstrong….I mean Jody Schobel and so there’s a certain legend that I have to live up to and that’s really hard, so of course I have to cheat, anybody would right?  Plus, I really want to win and I always get what I want.

(Yes, I watched the Oprah interview last night)


First, I am cheating by dropping the “Monday” part of the “Meatful Mondays” Recipes and just going with “This Week’s” Recipe, in hopes that no one will notice that I can’t seem to make a Monday deadline.

Second, I’m completely ignoring the fact that it’s almost the third week in January and this is the first recipe I’m posting.  Facts are so cumbersome and unnecessary.

And finally, and this is definitely the worst part, I am stealing this weeks recipe.  Yep, out right stealing it.  And to make it even worse yet, I am stealing it from an adorable ten year old, who has yet to miss a Meatful Mondays deadline.

So there is my confession.  I’m not really all that sorry that I did it but I’m definitely sorry that I got caught and had to confess.  I do feel really bad about that.

And now, you should head on over to the Feed Yard Foodie and check out Megan’s Marvelous Meatballs.


This is Megan over at Feed Yard Foodie
Photo credit

Megan’s Marvelous Meatballs

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One Response to This Week’s Recipe and a Confession

  1. Anne says:

    I love it! Thank you. Megan will be very excited that you shared her recipe.

    It’s really a good recipe–I’ve been tweeking it for a long time and the meatballs are very tasty. Megan did a great job preparing them all by herself. She served it with broccoli (because I told her that she had to serve something *green*), but she really prefers to have it alongside fresh corn on the cob (sweet corn). Mother Nature in Nebraska does not yield sweet corn this time of year and her mama thought that she was “green deficient” in her diet for the day 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing.

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