Happy Birthday Toga

I’m in a little bit of trouble around here because yesterday was Toga’s birthday and I didn’t write a birthday post for her……I don’t think she cares but some other people around here seem to, so here goes.

Since my children were born they have been asking for a puppy….everyday.  Last winter Anne made a power point presentation titled “Why We Want/Need A Dog”.  Reasons included:  cute, cuddly, fun, can play with, make a good friend, playmate when we can’t be with friends and to learn responsibility.

Combine the power point presentation from a 2nd grader with a face like this…


….with my Mom saying, “I have a corgi puppy found that would be ready to be picked up when you’re here for spring break and I really would like to give it to the kids……and you know I do have cancer.”  Yes, she played the cancer card.

Take all of that and this is what you end up with.


We named her Toga because she came from Saratoga Wyoming and my sister Jamie already had a corgi named Sara.


Right away she was good at digging


And napping


She learned tricks.  Well, she learned one trick.


And even earned a second place ribbon at Beginning Obedience Graduation.  She doesn’t listen very well at home but apparently she is motivated by competition.

IMG_0736 She continues to enjoy napping.


 And this winter has enjoyed running in the snow, unfortunately this was the only snow we’ve gotten and now it’s pretty much gone.

IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8461

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though.  She did scratch this hole in my wall.  Max’s friend Nicholas said, “well, maybe she just thought there should be a doggy door there.”  She almost had one dug, that’s for sure.


And my carpets will never be the same again.  But I was ready to change them anyway.  And I wasn’t all that fond of the lamps that she chewed the cords off of either.

And one thing is for sure.  I have definitely learned about responsibility…..I’m not sure what the kids have learned but I have definitely learned about that…and a few other things.


Happy Birthday Toga!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Toga

  1. Mom says:

    Some things are just worth playing the cancer card for don’t you think!

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