Breaking News and Something to Watch

***Breaking News Update***

Tomorrow is February!

I know what you’re thinking “umm….not really breaking news there Jody….been on the calendar for the past 31 days…..actually probably longer than that.”

I know.  I mean, I knew on some level in my brain that February was basically here but mostly I keep thinking it’s a whole month away still.   People keep talking about school and church events that in my head are a month away and then I clear all the piles off my calendar and realize next month is actually next week!  Actually tomorrow!

I do also have a calendar on my wall and on my phone and on my ipad but for some reason it’s the one on my desk, that’s always covered with with books and papers, that I actually believe.  The others I just thought were running ahead of schedule.  But I uncovered my desk calendar today and turns out all the other calendars in the house were actually set to the right day after all.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve slipped down the rabbit hole and time just keeps speeding up and eventually it will be going so fast that everything will cease to exist……which actually sounds kind of restful…

Now that you know what day/month it is I really want you to watch this video.  It’s a little long, it’s 10 minutes, but it’s totally worth it and time is moving so fast you’re not going to be able to keep up with it anyway, so you might as well grab a cup of coffee – or a BV and 7 if you’re name is Jim and you live in the big house on the hill and wear a black hat or if you like BV and 7 and you’re someone else that’s fine too, actually drink whatever you want, what do I care.

If you watch this video and it doesn’t make you smile and/or cry just a little than you need to schedule a Dr’s appointment first thing in the morning because there may be something seriously wrong with you.

And by the way, Happy February, ready or not!

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