Happy Birthday Joe

Back in April 1970 this little boy was born.


I have a couple of questions about this photo.
What is on his head?
Why does he have a pistol?

He grew up in a small town in North Dakota with his family.


Joe, Mary, Jane, Emily, Jim and Scott



He is still a fan of the Vikings and Styxx


Graduation picture

There were some questionable fashion choices along the way.




These pants are called Zubaz. Apparently they were very popular in ND and MN in the 90’s. I don’t recall them being all that popular in Casper…..I’m not sure why.

And some equally questionable comrades.


Then he married a rancher’s daughter – luckily he was smart enough not to wear his zubaz when he met her father – and even though she cried all the way from Casper to Minneapolis he stuck with her.


Now he has two kids, a corgi and spends more time than he ever would have dreamed driving across South Dakota.  He is one lucky guy!


At first he wasn’t sure what his role on the ranch would be.  But it didn’t take long for everyone to figure out that he could solve almost any computer or technology related problem and was also slightly obsessive about car maintenance.  Now, whenever he shows up they have a list ready for him.  Poor guy.

He even has Dad using an iPad, although he has yet to talk him into letting go of his flip phone….

Thanks Joe, for taking care of all of us…. and our cars…… and our computers…..and thanks for retiring the zubaz.

Happy Birthday Joe!


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Joe

  1. Tarver b bailey says:

    Happy birthday, Joe. Those April Birthers are a good bunch!

  2. Kara says:

    Happy Birthday Joe! You are an all around great guy who has thankfully got Jody to help you with fashion. What’s up with the shorty shorts? Lol! Have an awesome birthday!!

  3. Mom says:

    Maybe the hat and pistol were the first indication that Joe wanted to have ties in the west. Glad he ditched the Zubaz’s before he showed up out west though. Hope you have a great Birthday Joe! Thanks for being such a good husband and father, and a great son-in-law.

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