The Problem with Mother’s Day


The problem with Mother’s Day is that if falls right smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest times of the year.  There’s branding and getting cattle moved to summer pastures and checking fences and helping the neighbors do the same and cooking for the crew that comes to help with the branding and the moving and a laundry list of other things…..and also laundry.

Although there were a few years in there that we gave her a break and instead she got to spend Mother’s Day sitting through cold and windy High School Rodeos while entertaining a toddler.  Which had to have been super fun.

So this is how Mom typically spends her Mother’s Day, unless of course she is in the kitchen cooking all day for whatever is happening the next day.


SCAN0028 IMGNow, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to just have one day off, after all it does fall on a Sunday and it’s really only one day, so what’s the harm in resting a day.  That, my friend, is an excellent question…….

So, in the spirit of tradition.  Dad woke Mom early this morning and after she fixed breakfast he whisked her off to the mountain to move cattle.  Tomorrow she will spend the day cooking for the branding crew that will show up bright and early on Tuesday.

We are already making plans for Father’s Day.  So far they include sending Dad to town with a two page grocery list.  We’re a very tight knit family.  We know exactly how to get even with each other.

So to all the Moms out there who end up spending Mother’s Day pretty much like every other day, Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you find a way to get even. : )  And to all the Moms out there who get to “take the day off” or at least get to pick the activity, just know how very lucky you are.

Now here’s a Mother’s Day message from Kid President that will make you smile no matter how you end up spending your day.

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