4th of July Traditions


Last week we celebrated the 4th of July at Bates Creek.  It was a traditional holiday.

There was food

DSC00380 DSC00379 DSC00377


DSC00385 DSC00360 DSC00353 DSC00352

Casey’s taco dip


Heavy bike traffic

DSC00372 DSC00263

Justin and Lynn’s Fishing Academy


First they hike up to the falls


Then they fish



Then they show off their catch



Then they clean the fish


Then some of them sit in the creek…..I don’t know why

Somehow every year I have to help Mom in the kitchen and then miss out on most of the fishing and hiking up the slippery rocks and just make it in time to take pictures.  It’s so weird how that happens every year.

Boating in the beaver dam


Mom and Sally made sure the vessels were seaworthy


And off we march to the beaver dam


Casey served as lifeguard and referee since boating at the beaver dam is a full contact sport

DSC00431 DSC00430

I had the camera so I couldn’t get in which was really unfortunate.  We did not see the beavers, although we thought we spotted a shark but then again it might not have been.

Joe and I hiked to the top of the hill and took these scenery shots.

DSC00338 DSC00346 DSC00345 DSC00343 DSC00340

Last year there was a lot of smoke in the pictures, thank goodness that was not the case this year.

And then there was eating, drinking and merriment.  It was a very good day.  Followed by sitting on a hill away from all the traffic watching the fireworks over Alcova Lake.   We hope you all had just as much fun with your 4th of July traditions.


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