Moving Cattle


Every year on July 1st we start moving our cows to our Soldier Creek pasture.  We do that to give the grass in the Bates Creek pasture a rest.  It usually takes 3 or 4 days.  We aren’t taking them far – only 4 or 5 miles – but it takes awhile to get them rounded up because they are usually scattered all over.


The day starts out with Mom cooking a cow camp breakfast which is everyone’s favorite, bacon, buttermilk pancakes, eggs.  Casey will tell you that breakfast tastes the best at the cabin.


The crew chows down.


Then it’s dishes.


Then it’s saddling up and loading into the horse trailer.



Then we trailer out to the pasture and drop off a few cowboys here and there.



And then we throw together as many cows and calves as we can find and head them toward the gate.

DSC00196 DSC00212 DSC00192 DSC00213

DSC00214 DSC00193

Here they are heading through the gate and enjoying some greener pastures.



They will stay here until around the end of August – depending on how the water and grass hold up – and then they will move back the Bates Creek pasture for a few weeks until shipping time.

After getting them in the pasture there was fence to fix.  There’s always fence to fix.

DSC00224 DSC00227

Here’s the crew at the end of a long day.  Dad told them they had to look tough.


Here’s a picture of their softer side.



Then it’s back to the cabin to turn the horses loose, grab some lunch and “take five” (this is code for a nap because it just doesn’t sound right for tough cowboys to nap).



And then we repeat daily until they are all moved.  Today, Dad, Casey and Max headed back to gather the last few stragglers and make sure the cattle all over on the far side of the pasture where the good water and grass is.

During all of this we also took some video of the calves for the Cattle Country Video auction coming up on July 29th.  We typically sell the calves through video auction because we can reach more potential buyers that way.  Here’s a picture post video.  I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture during the videoing.  And we got it done in one take.  I guess those acting classes last spring paid off.  Our cattle are very talented.


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