The Hat


He goes by many names.  Legend has it that back in the day they called him Wild Horse, Hawkeye, Cowboy Jim, Roper Jim,  Careful Jim (I don’t believe that one), Slugger, Speedy Jim, Trucker Jim, Bronco Buster, Cooker Jim, John Wayne,  Singer Jim, Three Point Shot Jim, Advisor Jim and Traveler Jim among others.  *Please note that almost none of these have been verified by independent sources, that’s where the “legend” part comes in.

IMG_1846 IMG_0707 IMG_7821


The kids call him Papa, Pa,  Big Poppy and Grandfather Grasshopper.

IMG_2040 IMG_7813 IMG_9830 IMG_0038


Max’s friends call him Walt.  They asked what they should call him, Mr. Price, Jim, something else?  We told them, “call him whatever you want, he won’t remember your names and will just make some up (which he did, Gus and Richard) so just call him whatever you want.”  They came up with Walt.


This is the tour bus he bought on his trip to Nashville this past winter. He was fairly certain a record deal was soon to follow


These are the backup singers he hired.


And so far it’s looking like this will likely be his only time on the Opry stage. No record deal yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Joe and Anne have taken, lately, to calling him The Hat.  I think it sounds like a Secret Service code name.  For instance, if we were to sneak the dog in the house we could post someone on the deck with binoculars to watch for him to drive up and then they could yell “The Hat is on the move, evacuate four legs” (four legs would be the secret service code name for the dog).  That is purely hypothetical, of course, because we would never sneak the dog in the house.

IMG_9420 DSC00366 DSC00772

I call him Dad, except in the mornings when he’s listening to the Brian Scott Morning Show and then I call him severely hearing impaired.

But even if he turns his radio up way too loud, as Alex recently said “I like Pa, he’s a pretty nice guy.”

Happy Birthday to The Hat!


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6 Responses to The Hat

  1. Nicholas and Connor says:

    Happy Birthday Walt. (Jim) have a great birthday!!!!!!!!
    From Richard ( Nicholas) and Gus (Connor)

  2. NANCY says:


  3. Kara says:

    Happy Birthday Jim!!!
    From the McCarthy fam

    Jamie, Kara, Maddie and Grace

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