Going Left to Go Right


Our calves were on the Cattle Country Video Auction on Monday so we headed down to Gearing Nebraska to watch them sell.

Traveling with my family is always an interesting experience.  Dad has a tendency to say things over and over until someone responds, even if – especially if – it’s something random and  irrelevant that the rest of us kind of assume doesn’t really require a response.  For example:

Dad – “There’s a guy a on motorcycle”

Us – Silence. Because what on earth are we suppose to say to that, it is true, there is a guy on a motorcycle but do we really need to talk about it?

Dad – “There’s a guy on a motorcycle” “There’s a guy on motorcycle” “There’s a guy on a motorcycle”


This happens over and over and pretty soon everyone is saying and repeating things in threes.  “There’s a purple truck, there’s a purple truck, there’s a purple truck”  “Yep, Yep, Yep, a purple truck, a purple truck, a purple truck.”

I always thought it was a little quirky but now that I see it in writing I realize that it’s just plain weird.

I mostly kept my head down trying to read my book – It’s Head Came Off By Accident by Muffy Mead-Ferro, a great story about what it’s like to grow up on a ranch and the struggles ranch families face but I digress – and block out all the repeating, repeating, repeating.  I looked up from my book at one point to see that we had arrived at a crossroads of sorts.  The sign in front of us said – Gearing, with an arrow pointing left.  The conversation in the front seat went something like this.

Driver: “Gearing is to the right”

Co-pilot: “We have this discussion every time, we turn left here”

Driver: “But Gearing is on the right.  Look I can see it right there to the right”

Co-pilot: “I know that but we have to go left to get there”

Driver: “Why would we go left if we need to go right, that’s just stupid”

Co-pilot: “We would go left because that’s what the sign says and because last time we went right and it took us a long time to get there.  We need to go left.”

Driver: “Fine but it’s not right and it won’t work”

We then turn left and follow the road which then curves back around and crosses over the road we were just on taking us right into Gearing.

Driver: “See I was right. I won that one”

Co-pilot: “What?! You did not!”

Driver: “Yes I did, Gearing is on the right”

Co-pilot: ” Oh Good Lord!”

After checking into our hotel we headed out to find  a place to eat.  Mom and Dad decided we should eat at the Steel Grill which they had eaten at before and thought was quite good.  Mom said “I’ll ask for the address at the front desk.”  Dad said “We don’t need the address we know right where it is, we just have to find it”………that’s the kind of cowboy logic we get from Smilin’ Jim when we take him off the ranch.

We did find the Steel Grill but it was closed so we had to search out another place, which was not that impressive.  For starters Dad was not impressed that the waitress didn’t know what Black Velvet was and Mom was not impressed that the waitress didn’t know what Riesling was, it went down hill from there.  When we finished eating the waitress was nowhere to be found, so I said sarcastically, jokingly, not at all seriously “I bet she would come over here if we had a food fight”.  Obviously, I was not serious about this.  And then suddenly out of nowhere I was struck by a french fry!  It very nearly took my eye out, it’s a miracle that I wasn’t blinded.  I was stunned!  Who on earth?  Where could it have come from?  Can you guess who threw it?  My mother!  That’s who!  She is a horrible influence on the children.  Other things were thrown and it did bring the waitress over and we were out of there in short order, so I guess it did work.


This is before food started flying


The next day was the sale.  This is how a video sale works.  There are video screens all around the room which show video clips of the cattle for sale, along with who is selling them, where they’re coming from, how much they are expected to weigh and when the seller will have them ready to go.  There is a team of auctioneers who take turns selling the lots and a couple of tables of buyers and buyers reps taking phone and internet orders, as well as buyers there in person placing bids.  And a bunch of nervous ranchers, crossing their fingers and holding their breath.



Lots of figuring and high finance goes on during the sale


They sold well.  Everyone took a deep breath and we climbed back in to car to head back to the ranch.

And then to top it off we had this shortly after we got home.

IMG_1830 IMG_1825 IMG_1832 IMG_1828

That folks is genuine, real rain!  Rain in Wyoming!  It was beautiful and wonderful and too short lived.  It was also not as widespread as we would have liked – Sharon, we are hoping the Pedros get their turn soon – but it was wonderful all the same.

Moral of this story?  Sometimes you have to go left to go right. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Know what I mean?

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8 Responses to Going Left to Go Right

  1. Deb Weaver says:

    Us Iowa people love reading your posts….ever thought about writing for a magazine??? Or maybe writing a book??? Glad to hear cattle sold well. Tell your dad Tom tried to buy some 900 lb. last week and they brought $1.60……now that ain’t no smart cattleman gonna feed those out…..or he probably will lose his banker!!! For sure his wife…..

  2. Sharon says:

    Glad you got the rain!! I’ll take pictures if it ever happens here.

  3. Kara McCarthy says:

    I can relate so well to this repetition, I have been told on occasion that I do that myself, but maybe you haven’t noticed yet, Jody? :)) …maybe eventually someone will give the desired response…so maybe one just keeps repeating while they await just that? I don’t know…just my thoughts…
    I laughed out loud at most of this post…I can just imagine being along on this trip… Miss you all … looking fwd to the Oct trip… maybe we can take your dad for a drive so we can all experience this first hand… LOL!! Rain looks beautiful in WY…

  4. Tarver Bailey says:

    Jody- so that was REALLY funny, and makes me wish I had been there with you all!! Tarver

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Mom says:

    Seriously Jody! Blinded! I don’t think so! And what’s a Grammy to do. If you sit around all prim and proper you get accused of being an old stick in the mud, boring, mad about something, just no fun at all. If you happen to engage in a small food fight, which by the way wasn’t even my idea, then you’re a horrible influence on the children. Some days you just can’t win!

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