A Few Things You Should Know About My Mother


Here a few things you should know about my mother, in no particular order….


First – She is as agile as a mountain goat.  She can hike through canyons effortlessly just to show up her granddaughters.


And she always makes a fashion statement. I think the pink and the orange really work.

DSC00957 DSC00967 DSC00968

Second – She can out cook The Pioneer Women any day of the week, with her eyes closed (sorry Ree).



Third – She could give any Nascar driver a run for their money and has been known to drive the wheels right off of a variety of vehicles – quite literally.


Fourth – She can cowboy and work cattle with the best of them.  And sometimes better than the best of them because she has more patience.

IMG_7797 IMG_7805


Fifth – She can doctor just about any injury to people or livestock.  As Alex said the other day after Mom fixed up her toe, “Your just as good as a Doctor Grammy, your Doctor Grammy!”


Six – She can kayak.  She can’t swim but she can kayak, which now that I think about it may have some potential pitfalls….

DSC00791 DSC00784

Seven –  She is excellent at interior design, specializing in the color purple.





Eight – Apparently she neither too old nor too mature to start a food fight.


Nine – She takes rock band seriously.

IMG_1763 IMG_1761

Ten – She is just hands down the best Grammy ever.

IMG_1865 DSC00257 IMG_2311

Eleven – She is more than Tough Enough.  Thank goodness!  Because we would be lost without her!



Happy Birthday Mom!

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5 Responses to A Few Things You Should Know About My Mother

  1. Tarver Bailey says:

    Your last two notes about two of my best friends were the BEST EVER!! THANK YOU TBB

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Sharon says:

    ALL of this is true–so VERY TRUE!!!! Happy birthday to my bestest friend.
    Love & Hugs, Sharon

  3. Joan fenster says:

    Happy Birthday Peg! You are a remarkable woman. Jody did a good job “hitting the nail on the head” So glad to call you my friend. Joan F

  4. Kara McCarthy says:

    Happy Birthday Peg!
    What a great tribute from Jody… hope you had a great day with the family:)

  5. Mom says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes and kind words. Not sure I deserve all that. It was a great day with all the kids and grand kids around. I am very blessed and grateful to have such a wonderful family and so many good friends.

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