Happy Birthday Kimmy!


Here are a few little known facts about my sister Kim.

She used to be able to eat an entire pancake in one bite and I bet if you challenged her she could still do it.  So sorry I don’t have a picture of this.

She is excellent at accents – Irish, Australian and the Deep South are some of her best.

She’s an actress and has starred in several Alcova Theatre Productions to rave reviews.


She and our cousin Marty, used to climb on top of the semi trailers and jump back and forth between them.  They also did this on the tallest haystacks they could find. How they survived childhood continues to be a mystery to me.

Anytime I got in trouble it was her idea.

She’s always been super serious…..as you can see from this photo.


She can cowboy with the best of them.


And today is her birthday and since I am 29 that would make her 27.

So Happy 27th Birthday Kimmy!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Kimmy!

  1. Thank you for the birthday blog. I am always serious. So seriously, thank you. thanks for all the great work you do on keeping the public informed on this laid back lifestyle that the Wyoming rancher leads. Thanks for keeping it real. Love you Jody and remember you will always be 2 years older than me. 🙂

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