Look at that!  That’s rain people!  And look at these pictures!

IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0001

Puddles and everything!  It even made the horses happy. When Jamie sent me these she said she wished could have bottled up the smell too.  She had forgotten just how wonderful rain smells.

Chase had never seen a mud puddle before, at least not a mud puddle from a good old fashioned rain storm.

IMG_0044 IMG_0045

We’re not sure exactly how much it rained.  Jamie’s rain gauge was in her shop.  You know, that way she’s able to tell if the roof is leaking.  And Mom’s rain gauge has a hole in it.  She didn’t give me a good reason for why…..at least Jamie had some sort of a reason for the misuse of her rain gauge, kind of a lame one but at least she tried to come up with one. I think Mom had just given up hope.


But we are guessing, estimating, cowboy calculating somewhere in the neighborhood of close to 2 inches.  That’s big news and reason for big smiles.  The average rain fall for the Casper area is 12.5 inches.  Last year the total rainfall for 2012 was 7.8 inches.  So far this year we are at – according to http://www.wunderground.com because clearly my sources are not very reliable (but I know what I’m getting them both for Christmas) – so far we are at 9.6 inches.  Much improved over last year and we still have time to get to our average – knock on wood.


It kind of complicated the third cutting of hay for some folks and made for some tricky truck driving at the neighbors shipping but I don’t think anyone is really complaining.  It’s  drying out this week so everyone can get caught up and then well, just maybe it might rain again next week.  People are a little giddy at the possibility.


We know do know, however, that we were so fortunate that the rain came the way it did, the right amount at the right rate.  It came so that it could do some good.  It’s always hard  and a little bewildering when the flip side of your own good fortune is someone else’s hardship.  The same storm that brought smiles, joy and relief to us brought hardship, heartache and loss to our neighbors just a couple of hundred miles south in Colorado.

So, at same time that we are giving thanks for our rain, we are sending prayers and good wishes to our southern neighbors as they recover from theirs.

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2 Responses to Rain!

  1. Mom says:

    I think the problem with my rain guage is dry rot. Its the one thing duct tape doesn’t seem to work on.

  2. Mom and Dad S. says:

    Great news from the ranch. Wish we could bottle some of the excess we’ve had here this year and ship it west. Love rainy falls! Jim and Jane PS aka the Pagas

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