We Interrupt Fall to Bring You the Dead of Winter


It snowed a bit back at the ranch.  Actually, it snowed quite a bit.  The most it has snowed in October in quite some time.  According to KTWO radio the final tally was 11.3 inches breaking the previous record from 2005 of 3.2 inches.  Although the weather channel puts the total at 16.2 inches for Casper but either way it did break the record.

IMG_2211 IMG_2205

Lots of people were (and some still are) out of power, lots of trees snapped under the weight of the snow and lots of motorists stranded.  And schools were closed, to which my kids said (whined) “Hadley is sooo lucky!”

IMG_2224 IMG_2225

Mike Seidel of the weather channel was even in town for the big event.  Although, on the Today show they said that he was in Cheyenne.  Max and Joe immediately started shouting at the TV saying “that’s not Cheyenne!  That’s the Walmart on the west side of Casper!”  I glanced at the screened and said “no it’s not”.  There was a back and forth “discussion” and I ended it by boldly proclaiming that “I spent half my life in that town don’t tell me I don’t know the difference between Casper and Cheyenne.”  Man, I hate it when I’m wrong, especially after a bold proclamation. I should never, ever boldly proclaim anything.  Bold proclamations always come back and bite me.

IMG_2218 IMG_2213

And also did you know that the storm’s name was/is Atlas?  They started naming snow storms last year apparently.  I totally missed that announcement.  But they did and so this storm’s name is Atlas.  You might need to know that someday for a trivia game or something.

Atlas was a doozy for sure.  Not quite the Blizzard of ’49 that Uncle Rog used to talk about but memorable for sure.  (Random side note:  if you like to read about history, Blizzard 1949 by Roy V Alleman is a really good one).

Now the sun is out.  Kim sent this posted this photo this morning.


So they’ll be slogging through the mud and muck for a couple of days but it will probably soak in pretty fast.  And they’ll wait for the arrival of Boreas (that’s the next winter storm’s name).

Meanwhile here in Minnesota.  I thought we were supposed to get buckets of rain but the sun is peaking out.  You just never know about the weather.


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2 Responses to We Interrupt Fall to Bring You the Dead of Winter

  1. Mom and Dad S. says:

    Wow! Love that snow…lots of rain in Wisconsin, 2 + in. at the cabin, a rained out Cranberry Festival at nearby Stone Lake yesterday. The cranberries are huge this year. Happy for the ranch that moisture came but it was a lot at once. Jim and Jane

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