Happy Birthday Jody!

It’s been a long time since you were born

Scan 130040009-3

I remember it clearly like yesterday morn

You were a bright spot on many a day

Always ready to go feeding some hay

Scan 140070006-1-1

But the next thing you know you’re off to school

Time to learn ABC’s and the golden rule

Scan 140070002-3-1

But still there was time to help with things at home

To ride the range with your Dad where the cattle did roam

Scan 140070006-2

Scan 140070006-4-1

Scan 140070000-1

Scan 140070006-2-1

Scan 130040032-4

But time won’t stand still and the next thing you know

You’re off to college up there in the cold and the snow

Scan 140070006-3-1

Since then you’ve married and a family did start

But don’t you forget out west here you’re still in our heart

Scan 130040032-1-1

Scan 130040032-3-1

We wish you the best and know you’ll do well

And I know how old you are but I’ll never tell!

 Happy Birthday Jody!


Blog Credits:  Special guest blog content provided by Jim and Peg 

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Jody!

  1. Jamie Harkins says:

    Happy Birthday Jody!

  2. Kara McCarthy says:

    To a dear dear “spiritual companion” and friend… Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Sharon says:

    Happy belated birthday wishes to you–Your dad is quite a poet !!

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