Happy Birthday Anne

Today is Anne’s 10th birthday!  Time flies faster every year.


Anne on her first day

Here are a few things she’s been up to in the past year.



Working in the calving shed

IMG_9302 IMG_9314

Hanging with friends

IMG_1160 IMG_1449 IMG_1450

IMG_2051 IMG_2507 DSC01512 IMG_2925

and her brother…..once


And hanging with her twin

IMG_1111 DSC00565 IMG_9870 DSC00440

and with her cousin

DSC00257 DSC00570 IMG_1710

Moving cattle and feeding cattle

DSC00182 DSC00190


working at the rodeo


DSC00580 DSC00635

There was volleyball and archery

DSC01006 IMG_1009 IMG_2754 IMG_1279

And then there’s all of this

IMG_1153 IMG_1333 IMG_1415 DSC00253 IMG_0073 IMG_0640 IMG_1988 IMG_2406 IMG_2534 IMG_1095 IMG_2765

Happy Birthday Anne!

Thanks for making us smile!


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Anne

  1. Kara McCarthy says:

    Happy Birthday Anne! Wishing you a wonderful day! So fun watching you grow up:)
    Love from
    Grace, Maddie, Kara, Jamie &
    Boomer too:)

  2. Mom says:

    Happy Birthday Anne!! How did you get so old? Hope you had a great day. Looking forward to spring break.
    Love, Grammy

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