Happy Birthday Joe

Today is Joe’s birthday.  I will not say which one but according to his children he is getting really old!


Here are just a few of the great things he has done this past year.

He did not get angry at all when I shut the garage door on the van….three times.  He just put the auto body repair shop number in the favorites section of his contacts.  He didn’t even say anything when the insurance company sent us a letter suggesting that “the driver, Jody Schobel, should examine her driving habits” (in my defense it’s not my driving that’s the problem, I’m an excellent driver, it’s the parking that I struggle with but that’s a story for another time).  He just handed me the letter.


the damage is hardly noticeable

He also didn’t say a word when I accidentally washed his passport.  But really who keeps their passport in their pants pocket?


He re-arranged two days worth of meetings at the very last minute so he could drive me and van full kids and stuff to Wyoming because I had insomnia the night before.


And he got to change a flat tire along the way.


He trekked all over the globe for work.  From Germany to South East Asia multiple times.  He was in Malaysia when flight MH370 disappeared, thankfully he was already on the ground when the news about that broke.  And he dutifully complied with my request to text every single chance he could on his flights back.


cathedral in Germany


Singapore skyline

He took about 1500 pictures of the Sensenbaugh fire.  If you scroll through them fast enough on our computer it looks like a video

IMG_0490 IMG_0451

There was a fun trip to Chicago.


Hanging out with family.

IMG_1088 IMG_1024 IMG_0141

Of course his he had his part in the famous Christmas turkey incident.




Then there are all the basketballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, baseballs and footballs that he has thrown, caught and chased after.  One of the best things that he does is the dishes.  Every night.  But I think tonight the kids and I will take care of that.  We like to go all out on birthday celebrations.

And just because it’s important to remember past mistakes so that they are not repeated there is this.



Happy Birthday Joe!



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Joe

  1. Kara McCarthy says:

    Happy Birthday Joe!!

  2. Jamie Harkins says:

    Happy Birthday Joe!

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