The Race Is On

Kentucky has the Derby, Baltimore has the Preakness, New York has the Belmont and Casper has the Matched Horse Race.  There are, however, a few differences.  The hats are different.  There is whisky instead of mint julep.  The saddles must be western and there is a penalty for running over the starter.

At the Casper Fair and Rodeo this year there will be a Matched Horse Race.  This is where two riders race their horses to the end of the arena, around a barrel and back.  Two horses race each night and the top four race again on the last night to determine the winner.  This is a new event for the fair this year and it has some of the locals quite excited.

Our friend Dick decided that his horse Tigger has what it takes to win and asked Jamie to be his jockey.  That was great, except then Jamie got to thinking that her horse Pig Pen was faster than Tigger.  So she said to Dick, “I think I’d rather ride Pig Pen.  I’m certain he is faster.”

To which Dick said, “I respectfully beg to differ with you on that.”


Dick on Tigger

Actually, what he really said was closer to, “The Hell he is!”  And with that the gauntlet was thrown down, the challenge was set, it was high noon at the OK coral.  Well, actually it was 2:00pm at Kim and Jason’s arena.


Jamie on Pig Pen


As soon as Casey caught wind of this she said, “I think Mr. Jonny is faster than either of yours!”  And then Peggy said, “I’m pretty sure my horse has Secretariat in his bloodline.  Count me in!”  And the race was on!


Casey on Mr. Jonny


Peggy on Seabiscuit

The crowd gathered.




Chase put all his money on his Mom and Pig Pen

First there was warming up, reviewing the rules – which is really just don’t run over the starter –  and getting the arena set.


Mom asking, “where shall I set the barrel?”


Jamie and Casey both say, “that way” and point opposite directions

IMG_2239 IMG_2280 IMG_2330

And then they raced.  First up Pig Pen vs Tigger.


And their off!

IMG_2244 IMG_2246 IMG_2253

It was a very close race.  I can’t really say who won because, while both of these horses have got speed, what they lack are brakes.




Look out Mom!

Mom was standing just out of camera shot.  Lucky for her Pig Pen stopped in the nick of time.


Mom pulled everyone aside and reviewed the one and only rule. Do Not Run Over the Starter, especially if that person is your mother.

The general consensus in the crowd seemed to be that Pig Pen was indeed a bit faster but Tigger made the turn better, so it was sort of a tie.  They neither one stopped on a dime.

Then Casey and Jamie raced.  Then Jamie and Peggy raced.  Then Peggy and Casey raced.  Then…you get the picture.

IMG_2262 IMG_2359 IMG_2377 IMG_2384 IMG_2386

I’m still not sure we really know who has the fastest horse but it sure was fun to watch.  They have a couple of weeks to practice before the real race so place your bets and stay tuned.


Jamie and Dick “discussing” who’s horse was fastest

Here’s a quick video of one of the races.  Max was in the arena videoing and you will see why he took the rest of the videos from the other side of the fence.


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3 Responses to The Race Is On

  1. Liam Rooney says:

    Hilarious! Good luck at the races!

  2. Betty Furnival says:

    That sure looks like a lot of fun you guys were having

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