Happy 13th Birthday Max!

Well, it’s official.  Max isn’t a kid anymore and not just because he’s turning 13 today.


Last week while moving cattle to Soldier Creek some people (who shall remain nameless) starting to panic just a bit because all of the sudden no one knew where Max was.  It’s a big pasture folks and any number of things could have befallen him.  He could have gotten lost, his horse could have fallen or step in a badger hole.  He could have come across a rattlesnake or gotten bogged down.  And quite a lot of time had passed since anyone had seen him.  And since we were thinking – clearly mistakenly – that he was just a kid out there alone with only his horse, some of us were a bit concerned.

But when we located him and someone expressed that there had been concern as to his whereabouts, he just looked at us like we were nuts.  You know that look that that seems to say “what in the sam hill is wrong with you crazy people”.


He said, “Well, Uncle Jim told me to go gather the cattle up the creek.  So, I went and gathered the cattle up the creek.  And then I looked back and saw a few he had missed and so I went back and got those.  Then I took the whole bunch up the fence line to the middle gate.  And since I remembered that Pa had said ‘somebody darn well better count them through the gate’, I opened the gate and counted them through….and by the way there were 365 cows and 16 bulls.”

To which we said, “oh….ok….thanks”

To which Dad said, “Pretty work!”

And Max rode off shaking his head and muttering something along the lines of “oh ye of little faith.”

So, it’s official. Max is no longer a kid.  Which I think means I can start charging him rent now.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the events of the past year.

Working at the ranchIMG_0720 IMG_3273

Rockies game with Chad


First day of 7th grade


Vikings supporter


Basketball season got off to a rough start.  Pre surgery.


Cast number one


Pin removal


Cast number two.


And finally no more cast!


This is more like it.

IMG_1740 IMG_1873 IMG_1862 IMG_1890 IMG_1876

Hanging out with family


Schobel cousins


Price cousins


Learning the fine art of turkey carving from Grandpa Schobel


Teaching Grandpa Schobel to take a selfie


Teaching Grandma Schobel to take a selfie

IMG_3081 IMG_2084 IMG_2522

Max and his buddy Chase


Speaking of which, if Anne is Casey’s mini me, then Chase just might be Max’s



Scan 142

Max at about the same age Chase is now

He loves shopping with his sister.  It is one of his favorite things and you can see why.


Making homemade ice cream


I have no idea….


And yesterday while they were watching 80+ exhibition barrel racers waiting for Hadley’s run, he somehow talked his Dad into taking him to a Rockies game for his birthday.


The rodetto can get long. Spectators sometimes create their own entertainment

Happy Birthday Max!   

We have loved every minute of the past 13 years and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Scan 89

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2 Responses to Happy 13th Birthday Max!

  1. Kara McCarthy says:

    A Very Happy Birthday to you Max! from your friends in MN…
    Jamie, Kara, Maddie & Grace McCarthy

  2. Mom and Dad S. says:

    Happy birthday grandson…go Rockies! Love, the Pagas

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