The Sweetest Words


The sweetest words ever spoken are, quite possibly, “you are cancer free!”

Mom had her post-op appointment today and the news was so very good.  The surgery got all the cancer.  She is clean as a whistle.  Good to go.  No chemo.  No radiation. Cancer free!

We are doing the happiest of happy dances here today.  And she is doing great.  She’s been tending to her roses and cheering at the matched horse race and the mutton bustin.   She probably should take it a little bit slower but there’s no telling her that.  Gosh it feels good to breath deep again!


watching the horse race


tending roses the day she got home

And she went out and bought a celebratory hat just because she could.


But at the same time that we celebrate our good news, we are hoping and praying with all our hearts that those who haven’t heard those words yet, will hear them soon.  And our hearts and love go out to those who never got the chance to hear them.

Our prayers and love go out to all families touched by cancer and to the doctors and nurses who care for them.

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5 Responses to The Sweetest Words

  1. Karen Wilkinson says:

    Congratulations Peggy! God is good!

  2. Liam Rooney says:

    Excellent news! thanks for the update!

  3. Kelly Hayworth says:

    Praise the Lord! I am so happy to read this!

  4. Mom and Dad S. says:

    A great miracle comes along once in awhile. So happy to get this news. Go Peg! Love, Schobels

  5. Sharon says:

    You go girl!! Can you keep your new hat on in the wind????????????

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