My Mom is a Rock Star!

Peg 1

My Mom is a Rock Star.  Ok, so not an actual Rock Star.  In fact, not that long ago, we were having a discussion on what types of music we all liked and she said, “I like some rock and roll music.”  The conversation stopped.  We all looked at her.  This was news to us.  She was a George and Reba, Patsy and Jim type of girl.  We had no idea that she liked rock music.

“So, what type of rock music do you like, Mom?”

“Donnie and Marie”, she said.


She looked at us like we shouldn’t be confused and explained with some exasperation, “you know…she’s a little bit country….he’s a little bit rock and roll.”

Yeah… Mom is not an actual rock star….nor does she listen to actual rock music.  But when it comes to living life, she is most definitely, without a doubt, a lot country and a teeny, tiny bit rock and roll, a rock star.


My favorite picture of Mom and Sharon


She has had unfair number of challenges thrown her way.  A three time cancer survivor, on top MS, on top of a crazy, ragtag group she claims as family (some related by blood, some not, all loved the same) on top of all the challenges that come with running a ranch with a shoot from the hip cowboy.


keeping Dad lined out is a full time job

28099_1416117996548_1775486_n IMG_9222

No one would blame her if she had packed her bags long ago and rode off into the sunset, to a nice quiet beach somewhere.  But she hasn’t (and we’re hoping she won’t).  She keeps on keeping on.  She counts her blessings, declares the glass 3/4 full and lives each day to its fullest.

IMG_0034 DSC00893 IMG_1998


When the doctor called a few weeks ago and stunned us all, we just wanted to sit in the corner and cry.  But not Mom, in typical fashion, she took a moment to let it sink in and then gathered us all up and insisted that we all “just keep on living.”  Her mantra all along has been, “you can go to the pity party, just don’t stay too long and then put on your big girl panties and keep on living.”


There have been tears, for sure and occasional cursing and a few things thrown across the room but then she’s on to whatever needs to be done next and more often than not, it’s something for someone else.

IMG_3219 IMG_3470 IMG_3490

In a world where it often seems there’s not much left you can depend on, we’ve got Mom.  She’s our ace in the hole.  She’s the thing that makes our corner of the world make sense and run smoothly.  We are, quite frankly, the luckiest people on the planet.


And she proudly endorses cake for breakfast

Happy Birthday Mom!  You Rock!



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One Response to My Mom is a Rock Star!

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday, Peg–you rock, girl!!

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