Happy Birthday Jamie!

Today is Jamie’s birthday.  Here are a few memories from days gone by….

Scan 348

Cake makes her very excited!

Scan 377

She has her eyes closed for almost every picture ever taken of her

Scan 400

The perm days

Scan 401

and again with the eyes closed….maybe she’s meditating….

Scan 415

Jamie and her first 4-H steer, Charlie, with two champion ribbons!

Scan 399

4-H horse show, riding Peter

Fast forward to present day.


She smoked em at the matched horse race.….well, at least until Tigger caught up with her.


She wrestled calves


and vaccinated calves


and rode for miles and miles with Chase and Wrangler

Speaking of Chase…..he had a birthday yesterday!


He also gets excited about cake…even before it’s done!

Scan 411

See any similarities?  most of Chase’s expressions remind me of Chad but the smile I think is Jamie’s


Happy Birthday Jamie and Chase!



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One Response to Happy Birthday Jamie!

  1. Kara McCarthy says:

    Happy Birthday Jamie and Chase!!

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